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Frequently asked questions

Yep, I get it - it's a lot of information. I've developed this page to dig a little further. I've complied a list of answers to questions that I've been asked over the years.

How do I schedule?

If you have all the information you need and you are ready to schedule, you can schedule right from my website. Super easy!

What should I wear?

You will receive a Guide to get your juices flowing with tips and suggestions to think about when picking outfits. The pre-session in person consultation option is the perfect chance to talk about your outfit choices.

What is a pre-session consultation?

Prior to your session, you'll have the opportunity for us to chat about your outfit choices as well as locations. This is a fantastic way for us to work together to come up with a game plan for your session. 


Where will you take my pictures?

Through working closely with you to determine the look and feel you want for your session, I’ll suggest some locations. I have lots of place that are my favorite to capture the look you are after as well the perfect light. 


What if it rains or the weather looks bad?

I constantly watch the weather. I’ll be in contact with you a few days before your shoot. If the weather is in question, we will reschedule. I leave room in my schedule for weather.


Where will I change?

I have a pop up changing dressing room, for real. Changing in the car is also an option. Many seniors are used to this as they change clothes on the go for their busy activities.  


How long until I get to see my pictures?

 One week after your session you will receive an email to schedule your big reveal and ordering session.  


How many outfits can I bring?

Three is typical to allow for time to change.


Do I really need hair and makeup? I’m pretty good at doing my own. Or, I don’t wear a lot of makeup.

Well done hair and makeup will make or break your photos. Period. Everyday makeup is different than makeup to make you look your best in pictures. Lisa Johnson of Kiss and Makeup, is my lead hair and makeup artist and has 16 years of experience making people look fantastic in pictures. She listens to the look you’re after, what level of makeup you are comfortable wearing, asks you about your outfits, and then gives you a look to die for!  


Where will you do hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup takes place at my little studio.


What’s the timing of starting hair and makeup versus starting my actual shoot?

Hair and makeup typically takes  90 minutes. We will do a few shots in the studio and head out on location. Depending on where we are doing your shoot, travel time will need to be factored into start time of hair and makeup.  

Who should I bring along on my shoot?

Typically moms come along for shoots. Dads are welcome. Best friends including furry creatures are welcome too. Bring anyone who makes you happy and feel comfortable.


Can you edit acne?



What is an ordering and reveal session and how long does it take?

During your reveal, we will look at your final edited images and talk about how you plan on displaying your images.  A typical session lasts about an hour to an hour & a half.  


Can I get an online gallery so I can pick my pictures?

Currently, I don’t have that capability, and I have found the reveal process to be extremely effective. 


Will you submit a yearbook picture for me?

You betcha - all I need is the email address where to submit it along with any yearbook guidelines.  


Can I purchase only the digital images? 

Digital images can’t be framed or put on display. I work closely with my clients to offer the best products that will display their images. Each one of my collections includes a few digital images to all of them. 


Do you provide the printing rights with digital images purchased?

Yes. I provide you with a print release.


Do you accept payment plans?

Yes. Collection pricing is on my website under the “investment” tab.   


Who needs to be present for the reveal and ordering session?

Anyone whose input you value. Sometimes it’s both parents. Sometimes it’s mom.  


Can I let out of state family members pick?

Ultimately, the senior should be comfortable giving family members a picture they like most. If you know the sizes and orientation your long distance family members need, I will walk you through picking.  


Can you recommend a lab where I can print my pictures if I buy the digitals?

Yes, we will go over that upon purchasing the digitals.  

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