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My Why

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Connections. It's at the core of every human being. We long to connect with others. To be seen. To be understood. To feel valued. To be remembered.

I've been told by my clients that I capture who they are and their personality. I don't begin my sessions saying, "Ok, I'm going to capture who you are. Let's get started." I show up to my sessions ready to serve my clients. In fact, my service to my clients starts way before their session. I equip them with ways to make the most of their session - styling tips, words of excitement & encouragement.

I'll get real and raw with you for a minute...I am not the most technical photographer who understands all the fancy settings on my camera. Sure, I know plenty to capture great images, but my strength lies in something different. Something that comes easily to me - the ability to be authentic. I genuinely care about my clients. I believe that transfers over into the gift to connect with my clients. And thus, we've come full circle to my why.

Check out the celebratory video of my 2018 seniors. I think you'll smell what I'm cooking.


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