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When should I schedule?

One of my most frequently asked questions besides where will you take my pictures and what should I wear, is what month should I schedule my pictures.

That depends on a few things. Here are my top three tips for you to consider when scheduling your senior pictures.

- What is your yearbook deadline? Some of the schools I work with have an early fall deadline. If that's the case, I wouldn't schedule a session any later than early October.

- What is your schedule like? Are you involved in a lot of activities? When do they start? July is a popular month for this reason. When August rolls around sport practices and band camp start which can make it a bit trickier to find a time that works.

- What season do you like? Summer, fall, winter? Yes, I do have seniors schedule pictures for snow.

Did you know you can now schedule directly from my website? This is perfect because it gives you access to my availability which can change pretty quickly.

Happy scheduling!


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